Visiting EAPHEX 2020
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Finding new opportunities for global pharmaceutical companies has just become much easier to consider. Still today, Africa boasts the fastest growing pharmaceutical sector on the planet, with East Africa playing a significant role in driving most of today's growth forecasts.

Now is a critical time for East African countries to continue to develop their pharmaceutical sector. But to do so, it is a prerequisite to strengthen links between private and public sector stakeholders. EAPHEX has a unique role to play in that regards, bringing together all major stakeholders to discuss and debate on issues around pharmaceutical sector development in East Africa.











Objectives of the summit

The event will serve the dual function of being a policy forum as well as a Business-to-Business (B2B) platform.

The summit is aimed at building partnerships, strengthening collaboration, and engaging key stakeholders in meaningful discussion around East Africa’s pharmaceutical sector with a focus on engaging public policymakers, the main legislative, regulatory, and executive agencies in a policy dialogue, and how to best engage the private sector.

The event will serve as a dialogue platform and networking opportunity for government officials, regulators, manufacturers, academics, development institutions, etc. on the continent’s strengths and weaknesses, on potential areas of intervention and synergies to develop to make significant progress for the sector and, more importantly, for the health of the East African population.

Commercial exhibition

At EAPHEX, the cream of pharmaceutical manufacturers meet the suppliers of technology and service solutions for their manufacturing & pharmaceutical endeavours in the exhibition hall, they learn best practice at the summit, and they get the opportunity to network with their peers to set up important business relationships. EAPHEX seeks to create win-win situations and foster synergies between the health, financial and industrial sectors, so as to improve public health and economic development in East Africa.

The basics
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